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andylear.jpgrod.jpgBest of a bad bunch is a new political party with candidates standing in the constituencies of Esher and Walton and Spelthorne. We are not political animals by nature but (along with a huge chunk of the population), we are totally disgusted with the sight of greedy, self-interested politicians stuffing their noses as deep into the trough as they can manage whilst the rest of the country is on the brink of ruin. Rather than just moaning about it, we are trying to do something about it and we can only do that with your help.

What do we stand for?
Primarily we stand for honesty, decency and democracy and we do not believe that we are being well served in that department by any of the major parties. Part of this is in the very nature of the party system itself with whips telling MPs how to vote and MPs voting as they are told (regardless of the best interests of their constituents) in order to further their careers. We are not, however, just a protest party.

The country is racked with debt and this needs to be addressed as THE priority. We believe that there is a huge amount of money being wasted on our involvement in propping up a corrupt and illegitimate regime in Afghanistan for reasons that have little to do with terrorism and are in fact likely to encourage it. We are spending 6.4 billion a year on Europe, 40 million a year to China alone in development aid and who knows how much on other economies that will soon be overtaking ours if we carry on like this. Obscene amounts of money are being wasted by government targets that require the NHS to employ armies of managers just to deal with the targets, school teachers and the police are being stifled by paperwork, we could go on and on. Our policies for the various departments are here on the web site, the important thing to stress here is that by voting for Best of a Bad Bunch you are not just saying ‘enough is enough’ to the greedy politicians feathering their nests but going some way to sorting out the mess they have made of things.





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