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eu headquartersAfter much discussion on the subject we have arrived at the position that the costs associated with Europe are simply too great. Not only the £1900 for every man, woman & child in the UK (which equates to £180 billion every year) but the cost to our sovereignty, our control of our own borders and immigration policy, the ability for our country to govern itself. The EEC started off a a ‘common market’ and we were offered a referendum on that on the understanding that it would be just that. What we have now is definitely not what we agreed to and what is being proposed bears no recognition to a common market.

Under EU law, any EU member working in this country can claim child allowance at UK rates even if their children are not living in this country. We all know of the numerous ridiculous ‘Health & Safety’ regulations that have come out of the EU. We blame many regulations that are imposed on us, on our council or national government but they have actually come from the EU, for example fortnightly bin collections.

MEPs are probably no less self centred and uncaring of our democracy than our own MPs. For twelve years on the trot the European Court of Auditors has declined to give the European accounts a clean bill of health. Where else could this possibly be permitted? The current half-in half-out situation in which we find ourselves is the worst of all worlds. Anyone that thinks that our not signing up to the euro will in some way mean that we will not become ‘legally obliged’ to bail out Greece and other countries skirting with bankruptcy has elevated naivety almost to an art form. Unlike UKIP we are not a rabidly anti-European but like our own politicians the Eurocrats have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted with either our money or our democracy. The savings made from leaving the EU (if that was the will of the population) would make a significant dent in our national debt and put us back in control of our own country. This might be something of a double edged sword, however, and will only be a good thing if we elect politicians that can be trusted.


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