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Andy is standing for Esher and Walton because that is where he was born and bred. Well I was born in Kingston hospital but that’s close enough. I went to Hinchey Wood primary and secondary schools and from there on to Esher College and then Kingston University (or Kingston Poly as it was at the time). I lived for about three years near Heathrow when I worked for various courier firms at the airport and nine months in Greece (in my hippy period) but other than that I have lived in the constituency all my life. This does not mean that I am particularly unadventurous or boring and I have travelled to Abu Dhabi, Morocco, Brazil, South Africa, America (several times) Canada, Poland and all over Europe.

Not generally considered a dunce, (he was ‘clever’ enough to fool MENSA into letting him join once) he is on track to finished his MBA with the Open University by the end of the year (though that might need looking at if he gets elected) He is standing as an MP primarily because he is angry and the politicians never listen. Just maybe if they realise that their own vested interests and cushy jobs are at stake that will grab their attention.

His hobbies include playing the guitar (and he has a MySpace whatsit on and he is a committee member of the Handlebar Club which is where he met Rod and one of the reasons he has seen so much of Europe. He enjoyes playing backgammon on the computer, has an interest in wine and will as often as not be found at the Teddington Wine Society or other organised tastings.


Although Rod Littlewood lives in Elmbridge (since 1982) rather than Spelthorne, he has worked for a number of years in the borough. In the course of his work he comes into contact with residents from across the constituency on a daily basis. Talking to these residents, and realising how many are disillusioned with other parties, was what made him decide to stand in this election.

As well as running his own business, he is a member of The Global Warming Policy Foundation, an all-party and non-party think tank that is trying to help restore balance and trust in the climate debate. Unfortunately that debate is frequently distorted by prejudice and exaggeration.

He is also on the committee of the ‘Friends of the Bradbury Centre’ who try to raise funds for the centre, which provides care for the elderly, particularly those with Dementia. He is also President of the Handlebar Club, a group of slightly eccentric guys who meet regularly and try to raise funds for charity, particularly ex-servicemen’s charities.

He believes passionately in bringing common sense and honesty back into politics and restoring freedom of choice to the people of this country.


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